ChafficPlugins is a project of Crucial Games, which deals with content creation for famous games, such as Minecraft and Hytale.



With over 6,400 downloads, the ChafficPlugins project is one of the most popular in the field of game extensions.

over 600
daily users

At least 600 daily users confirm that ChafficPlugins products are far above the industry standard.



Minecraft plugin

MyTrip brings Minecraft players closer to the fascinating but dangerous world of drugs. It adds an
innovative system that makes it easy to create your own halogens, etc.


Minecraft plugin

MyRPG helps server owners to implement different RPG aspects into the game very easily. It is especially characterized by a new approach to roleplay races and classes.


Minecraft developer API

The CrucialAPI allows minecraft developers to access complex features of the Spigot API very easily. Special emphasis is put on keeping CrucialAPI in the background.

Official store

Songoda is commited to providing a state of the art safe environment free of toxicity for creators of game extensions to market their products.

API provider

Spigot is a high performance, no lag customized CraftBukkit Minecraft server API.

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